Monday, September 7, 2009

Missing you Val

"You've been gone over a month now and we all miss you very much. Technology though is a wondeful thing in that we can try to stay close by e-mail and cell phone. When I see the prefix of your number on my caller ID feelings of relief and joy run through me in a way I don't think you'd understand. "

I know there are other mothers out there going through the same thing and maybe together we can make the time a little more tolerable by keeping in touch. Valerie is a gunner stationed in Iraq with the Army National Guard of Massachusetts for her second tour. She has five brothers and three sisters who also miss her very much. Most of the kids are older (17 and up) but I have 6 year old twins who don't understand what she's doing, except when they ask when she's coming over I tell them, when she's done being a hero. (that's what they called it when she was deployed a few years ago to Iraq - they were 4ish and didn't understand but did understand that our military men and women are heroes so that's all we needed to say "she's going to be a hero").

I'd love to hear from other families, stories, problems and triumphs.

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