Saturday, September 19, 2009

Joe Wilson's moronic outburst

I cannot and will not defend what a rude thing that was for Mr. Wilson to do but I really wonder why people jump to the racist accusations following this. He, as far as I can see, doesn't seem to have a history of racist behavior... does he?

I believe he is, as am I, not happy that illegal aliens would have benefited from the health care package as it was written at that time. President Obama claimed in his speach that illegal aliens would not benefit from the plan but at the same time specifically stated in said plan that it would be illegal to ask for proof of citizenship... how would anyone know if you were illegal if you didn't have to provide proof of citizenship? I know the story is out there and people for some reason are disregarding this fact and rather are yelling racism... I might add that following his statement the plan was amended to require proof of citizenship as a prerequisite to obtaining coverage.

Again, I need to stress how stunned I am at the level of disrespect but I believe it was more about the issue than race. (let's face it that if any race was affected by this transaction, it was less black/white and more hispanic as a great number of the illegal aliens are here from our neighboring Mexico)

But, I'm just babbling.

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  1. Hello! My husband told me you are following our blog! I love to blog and follow other blogs. I love to know people's thoughts and share my own. It's nice to 'meet' you!
    By the way, I don't excuse Mr. Wilson's choice of venue for his outburst, but I don't believe it was racially motivated. He was frustrated. I get so upset when the race card is played!!
    I am a minority and have been subjected to rude and thoughtless comments and discrimination so I am sensitive to it. I do not believe it's fair to accuse a man of racism when there is no proof of it!! Please. I wish people would do their homework!!!