Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meet Nicky

Nicole is my oldest and has been my "right-hand-man" since she was about ten years old.  She was a sort of second mom to her younger two sisters and three brothers at the time.  Since she was 13, she was the babysitter after school, not just for me but for neighbors too; on nights that I had to work late, she'd cook dinner; she helped me to lead the cleaning parties we'd have on Saturday morning dancing to loud music and laughing while we cleaned with the rest of the kids.  We spent so many nights sitting up in my room talking about school, the neighborhood, friends, and not-so-friends.  She was wise beyond her years even as a teenager and for that, I was lucky that it was easy to keep her on the right track to being a great person.

She's 25 now and living in her own apartment.  She is a caretaker for an elderly lady.  A great line of work for her, she has such a nurturing soul.  She is still in Massachusetts watching over Brandon and Brittany who are still there in college... still the second mom.  :)


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  2. you should be proud of her, she's beautiful

  3. A one in a million daughter! you're lucky to have one... God bless your family!!!

    >Good day!!!:D

  4. What a blessing to have a daughter like that! I hope my daughter will grow up to be just like her! :)

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