Friday, October 9, 2009


In the middle of cooking the chicken rings I was so excited to get a Walmart coupon for from (one of my most frequented blog destinations) and some macaroni and cheese to go with it, my stove went kaputz...  just stopped working.  Frustrated, I searched all over for what could have gone wrong.  Nothing seemed loose or out of place.

With a groan from me and quite a bit of whining from the twins, sandwiches were the alternative supper choice.  I proably could have heard a lot less whining if I had just let Anthony have the cereal he wanted, but alas, he had the misfortune of having a Mommy that faithfully watches the Today show and I believe it was that very morning that I was witness to how many cookies the sugar in cereal is equivalent to.  The sandwiches probably weren't much better for him (not that the chicken rings are all that nutritious either now that I think about it) but the cookie thing was so fresh in my mind he was doomed to join us in ham sandwiches.  It's been a few days without a stove and I am just fried.  Is there anything healthy you can prepare without a stove besides a salad?  I was up and down the isles that night trying to find some supplies to hold us until the weekend with no stove and either my imagination is limited or humans really need a stove.

Well, we went today looking around for a used (cheap) stove and ended up at the Habitat for Humanity store in our city and got one for $150.00.  There were six of them there but all had sold signs taped to them except two.  They were all sold in these last few days the employee explained.  At least I'm not alone.  I wonder what they ate tonight? and whose gonna buy that yucky last stove?

Now we just have to get it here - it's not going to fit in my Taurus lol.


  1. Mother of nine? Wha? Kudos to you and your vagina! Poping over from MBC...


  2. lol jenna

    I can just see this big stove sticking out of a taurus! lol

  3. lol...I'm reading the first comment up there...I too am in awe of NINE kids!! Followed you here from MBC. Feel free to drop by at

  4. 9 kids, Whoa mama! Thanks so much for the lovely comments. That stinks that the stove went kaput. I am not even listening to what you said about cereal. I must go on believing that Cheerios are healthy. I simply must!

  5. Sorry to hear about the stove crapping out on you. I don't know what I would do. Maybe haul out the crock pot for a couple of days and make a stew or roast or something, that way you can throw in the veggie's or cereal... (LOL) or whatever else you might enjoy!!
    Still laughing at Jenna's "vagina" comment! She never disappoints me!!

    Have a great weekend. Good Luck finding a new stove!

  6. I'm following your blog from MBC.Have a great Sunday!