Friday, October 30, 2009

Internet - a time saver? I think not.

The internet was supposed to make our lives easier and some major tasks less time consuming. The problem is that there is just sooo much information here that I am becoming overwelmed with information and ideas that I can't actually get anything done lol.

Before I actually used the internet for recreation (back when I had time), I really didn't have much to do outside of working and caring for the family. Now, my Goodness, I have started a dozen projects through information I've collected here and can't seem to finish anything because I'm still learning about the other things I've always wanted to see, create, reconnect with, and just plain play. Until now I didn't know there was so much I wanted to do. I've started crocheting a blanket for my daughter, scrapbooking, sewing, flower arranging, sort of keeping a diary, learned where to shop for bargains (and when), even taking crayon off my wall. The best thing about it though is I've re-connected with some people that held a special place in my history/heart and made a couple of new friends too.  That takes time too, going through pictures, videos, postings, etc... Now I want to fly to Mystic to see Laureen, Florida, South Carolina, back to Massachusetts, etc... to actually spend a little time with more people than is truly possible. Some even moved overseas! (sigh)

My life is more busy now... no... not even a little easier. Thanks internet ;)

I've been looking online now into meditation to slow myself down.  Look, meditation CDs!  rofl!!!

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  1. I agree that the internet can be a bit overwhelming and ultimately takes up more time than it really should of our lives.

    These are different times, busy, busy, busy!